Artist Imagines Animals in Colorful and Fashionable Clothes

For over a decade, artist Kristel Steenbergen has been making colorful illustrations with a twist of humor. She was born in a small fishing village on the coast of Kenya, however, her family moved a lot so she lived in several African, Asian and European countries. Now she lives in Haarlem, the Netherlands, owns a studio, and incorporates all her childhood memories into her art pieces.

Through, her artistic journey she has experimented with various media, from using the computer to turning back to the drawing board and using a lot of detailed pencil drawings. Although she is inspired by everything nature related, she loves illustrating animals that have beautiful markings on their bodies.

“When you study them you just realize how amazing it is. Many of these shapes can be found back in fashion designs. Just goes to show how nature can be such a strong source of inspiration,” the artist told in an interview for I Love Illustration.

We really enjoyed browsing through her Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow her for future updates.