Artist Makes Fantastic Paintings And Posters You Will Love

Cannon Dill is an artist located in the USA whose distinctive murals have already won the hearts of the public.

His interest in art began at an early age – he used to draw motives from folk-tales and nature, and these motives still fascinate him. His work is usually large-scale and in black-and-white technique, but if you visit his Instagram page you can find colorful works as well. The reason why he makes monochromatic images mostly is because he is partially color blind!

Dill’s murals can be found all over the United States, and if you travel through Oakland, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Albuquerque, San Francisco, etc., you might recognize them for his unique and childish style. Dill also likes working in the moment, so he avoids making any sketches or plans, drawing spontaneously and freely.  

The pictures given below are samples of his work, and we hope you like it!