Artist Makes Hilarious Posts That Will Boost Your Dopamine

Pablo Rochat is a well-known artist and creative director whose career began when he started making silly websites and internet videos for fun while working as a designer and art director. Now he has more than one million followers on his Instagram account.

If you scroll through his feed, you’ll see hilarious posts that’ll bring a smile to your face. He compares a woman doing a stretch to a roasted chicken or a man’s haircut to a garbage can. He also worked with many famous brand names and companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Gucci, Instagram, and many more.

Although he has a big following and has won many prestigious awards, he still wants to create good quality projects because of the appreciation he feels for his followers.

“I don’t want to repeat myself in the work that I do. I’m driven by the need to make something new. With each project, I want to surprise not only the audience but also myself,” Rochat said in an interview for Huffington Post.

If you need a boost of happy hormones, check out his Instagram profile and follow him. You can see down below how hilarious his works are.