Artist Paints Finland’s Animals

Media designer Jenni Viljaniemi from Finland loves art. According to her, she dedicates most of her time to painting, making illustrations, creating new visual designs, crafts, a bit of coding and almost everything that includes visual skills. But most of all she enjoys painting portraits of humans and animals.

“Last year I decided to make calendar for year 2019 as Christmas gift for my family members and some closest people for me,” Viljaniemi shared on Bored Panda. “I usually just paint animals and people, but now I decided to try something different and made mixed media works by using pencils and watercolors (and some Photoshop for editing afterwards). I decided to draw animals and birds that inhabit in Finland, as I live in Finland.”

In her work, the artist doesn’t use sketches or practicing beforehand and even her mother was amazed how talented her daughter was.

Viljaniemi shares her artwork on her Instagram account called paperplanesjenni. Scroll down and check it out.