Artist Recreates Popular Brand Logos With Calligraphy

The pictures and videos featured here are those of James Lewis. James specializes in painting brand logos. James paintings are astonishing. All or most of his paint works are 3-dimensional and they look very real.

James has recreated some super popular brand logos including NIKE, Google, Levis and Disney among others. Scroll down to see some of our absolute favorites!

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The one question I get asked a lot is "how do I make a living doing what I love"? Even though there’s no substitute for the years of hard work that you need to put in there are a few tips I’ve learned over the past 7 years that have REALLY helped me. If you read them, please let me know if they’re helpful. 1- Share your process consistently. Don't let people forget about you. I post 4 times a week and should probably do it more. I post Tuesday, Wednseday, Thursday, and Sunday around 3-4pm, they are the best times for engagement. 2- Be Engaging. Tell stories alongside your creations/ content. It could be ideas you had which led to the creation, your process, or even how you're feeling. Either way, just say stuff that people might relate to and then ask questions relating to it to get them engaging with the post. 3- Engagement is key. The more people like and comment (especially comment) the more likely your work will get featured on the explore page for the world to see. Another good place to get featured are curation pages like @Goodtype their audience is your potential audience. 4- Community is king. There are millions of lettering, type, and calligraphy, fans on instagram. Say hi to them, follow their work, and engage with them. I'm sure thy will repay the favour. 5- Video trumps image. In the past 2 years social media has shifted massively towards video content. If you can, share as much video content you can. If you're not making video content yet, you may be left behind. It doesn't have to be a massive production, a simple timelapse filmed with your phone is more than enough. 6- Curate your brand. Find a way to stand out, try out different colour schemes, lighting, style etc. See what you like best and keep it consistent. Let me know if these tips help! P.S. thank you to all who offered to send me Kool-Aid. I’ll have so many sachets by next week I’ll be able to finally fill a bathtub and swim in Kool-Aid #dreamsdocometrue #calligraphy #oddlysatisfying #signpainting #lettering #handlettering #type #typography #customlettering #thedailytype #typegang #goodtype #handmadefont #typematters #painting #art #artistsofinstagram #ligaturecollective

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