Artist Turns Ugly Potholes Into Art Pieces

Baadal Nanjundaswamy is a well-known Indian painter who turns potholes into remarkable 3D paintings. The gifted artist created a video where he pretends to be an astronaut walking on the moon. But, it’s not the moon, but the heavily potholed streets of Bangalore, India.

After decorating the ugly streets, the artist managed to bring a lot of attention to the issue of road quality in India, which led to the local government fixing the streets in Bangalore.

“Thank you people for such an overwhelming response and support!” the artist wrote on his social media.

Nanjundaswamy’s video went viral and in just a couple of days it received more than 27 thousand likes, and 35 thousand shares on Facebook, upvotes on Reddit, and 1.47 million views and 8.2 thousand retweets on Twitter.

If you are curious about his creations, check him out on Facebook or Twitter where he shares all of his creations.