Beautiful Embroidered Jellyfish By Yuliya Kucherenko

Contemporary artist Yuliya Kuceherenko embroiders beautiful jellyfish that “swim out” of the hoops. She makes jellyfish whose long tendrils go beyond the physical boundaries of the hoops she uses, turning them into 3-D pieces.

Kucherenko uses several different embroidery techniques in attempts to make the jellyfish realistic. The techniques include thread painting, beading, needle felting, etc. Some of her pieces use mixed fabrics that emphasize the free movements of the jellyfish, and she always uses a mixture of different threads for the “head.”

To make the jellyfish look even more attractive in the photos, the artist arranges them on the layers of blue and green tulle, mimicking the look of the ocean. She also adds beads, seashells, and starfish to her scenography to complete the look.

See her work below.