These Beautiful Portraits of Women Emerge Only When the Tide Goes Down

Image via the_hula/Instagram

Sean “Hula” Yoro is a self-taught Hawaiian artist who unleashed her passion for art to combine it with a love of surfing. This unusual mixture resulted in a unique street art that has conquered with beautiful retables of women painted underwater.

Using abandoned and little-crowded spaces, Yoro paints large works in places where they can only be seen at the moment the tide is low. Women decorated with flowers and tribal tattoos are the elements that predominate in his paintings. His works have an ecological and global warning message and use the tide to accent on the importance of the preservation of the planet.

The artist enjoys painting in contact with nature in places from Canada to Italy and uses biodegradable paints that do not harm the ecosystem that surrounds the waters in which his works are submerged.

Check here some of the beautiful murals by Hula:

New water mural on some abandoned shipping docks 🌴

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"Ho'i Mai" at low tide 🌊

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The finished piece 🌴🌴🌴 photo : @dbla_ron model : @kiksneaks

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Close up shot of "Imua" 🌴 @bum_cake

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