Believe It Or Not – These Animals Are All Made Of Paper!

Artists have been fascinated by the natural world since the dawn of time, and it’s not hard to see why. Nature is the greatest artist of all, and everything we do is just an imitation of that original artwork that is the world, whether we accept it or not. This artist went beyond accepting it โ€“ he embraced it completely.

Richard Wong is a paper artist from Perth, Australia, who uses his skills and talent to create tiny paper animals. The world of paper art is huge and diverse, and most artists stick to one type: some create with scissors or scalpels while others only fold their paper. Some will never paint their pieces while others do. But Richard doesn’t stick to just one style โ€“ he uses all tools available to turn his artistic vision into reality.

Richard’s paper art is special in more than one way. Other than being just gorgeous, it’s also impressive because of how realistic and tiny it is. Some of Richard’s paper statues are so small they can fit on the tip of your finger, and still, it’s so accurate it looks almost like a living thing. His creations inspire not only an appreciation for art, but also for nature. ย 

Check out some of his work below!