Cat is Pranked and its Reaction is Hilarious

Cats are conservative pets. They don’t like water and are not fans of grooming since they groom themselves. Some cats don’t even like to be held. If they want to held or carried, they come to you and request it as they are the monarch at the head of the animal kingdom.

This cat in the video was a victim of a prank and his reaction was absolutely hilarious. His owner downloaded a prank app that produces sounds of hair clippers. This prank app makes it sound like some of your hair, or in this case fur, is being shaved off

While the kitty was lying down, the owner turned the app and pretended to shave the poor cat’s fur off. The cat wasn’t too worried until he brought out some fake hair that resembled the fur of the cat.

That was when the kitty realized that he had been shaved and he was extremely shocked. Watch his reaction below.