Celebrating Self-Love with Greek Artist Fotini Tikkou

Fotini Tikkou is a Greece-born, Denmark-based artist who enjoys creating art around topics like diversity, self-love, acceptance, and motherhood. 

She combines watercolor with pencils for a soft, unique effect. “My favorite materials at the moment are definitely gouache, watercolors, and pencils. I tend to use them all together in my work. I love the imperfect textures and the happy little accidents that gouache and watercolors give you and I also love balancing that out with the precision of pencils,” Tikkou said in an interview for The Art Gallery.

Tikkou got her art degree in Athens, at the School of Fine Arts, in 2009. Since then, she’s been working hard on her freelance career and improving her illustration style, while also branching out to ceramics. Her cups, pots, and vases are just as adorable as her illustrations and unique in their own way.

Check out Tikkou’s work below and find more on her Instagram page.