Chainsaw Artist Carves Amazing Sculptures Out of Wood

When it comes to cutting skills, there’s arguably no one better than the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team. But, even among a team of experts and master artists, one stands out as the more unique and creative among the bunch.

Meet Igor Loskutow.

Mr. Loskutow is an Estonian artist who has won numerous awards in the past for his chainsaw art, and after taking a look at some of his works below, you’d agree why he deserved those awards.

A master of the chainsaw, Igor Loskutow uses this heavy piece of machinery to create finely tuned masterpieces. This includes anything from a dragon bench to life-sized bear on its hind legs, among others. But, it’s not just that he’s able to create such creatures that’s amazing, it’s the amount of detail that goes into every one of his works.

From the thin and soft lines that help add depth to the work to the bigger cuts that shape the sculptures, Luskutow’s works prove why he was awarded the Huskycup World Title back in 2015.

It’s amazing to see how Igor’s able to craft these fine pieces of art using something that people would normally use to cut straight through trees.

Make sure to scroll down below to see Igor’s works to appreciate them better.

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