Cover Your Home in Charlotte Jade’s Patterns

Charlotte Jade invites you to bring the beauty of the outside world inside your home, through her hand-drawn patterns, featured on an array of products as well as wallpapers. Based on her love of nature, texture, and pattern, Jade’s business (launched in 2015), celebrates the richness of shapes and forms found in our natural environments.

Her design collections are available on wallpaper, textiles, upholstery fabrics, furniture, cushions, ceramic tiles, and flooring, with all products printed and made in the UK. “I hand draw all my designs, which creates quite a personal feel to my designs,” she noted in an interview with Jung Katz. “I then apply color (which is generally quite bold) and edit these hand-drawn images digitally using photoshop.”

Clearly inspired by the natural world, both flora and fauna, Jade is also very much inspired by fashion and likes incorporating current trends in her work. Her designs are also based around geometric prints, making for a striking juxtaposition between organic and manmade forms.

“My work is quite detailed and I generally use a pencil to create my patterns,” she explains, adding that she does, however, enjoy combining pencil and paint. “I feel these two mediums create quite unique pattern designs,” she says. Scroll down to see some of her patterns in action.