Image via utopia_manufactory/Instagram

Since forever, people have been making jewelry to make themselves more beautiful, or wore it as symbols of different things like class and status, ethnicity, marital status, etc. Jewelry is often culture-specific, so we can see that in different parts of the world different materials are being used, and jewelry is being differently shaped and worn. Also, jewelry is the oldest archeological artifact we have as a human species, which means that adding beautifying elements to our look was important long before the creation of modern society.  

In this article, we present to you a Serbian jewelry artist who creates jewelry inspired by African culture and the beauty of African women. She makes all of her jewelry out of natural materials like wool, string, metal and colorful stones. Her pieces look magnificent on women of all shapes, colors and sizes, and they can be worn on stage and at some formal events, but also in everyday life. Her style is very unique, recognizable and bold.

The artist has 21k followers on her Instagram account @utopia_manufactory who are crazy about her jewelry, and the photos she takes of models wearing her pieces look elegant and empowering.  

Check some of the designs below!