Image via artistalexitorres/Instagram

Alexi Torres, an artist from Cuba, is well-known for his large-scale oil paintings that seem to be knitted and woven. He uses an intricate “woven” technique that creates a three dimensional, multi-layered illusion that makes viewers take a second look.

“I started to paint objects and people made out of natural elements, like feathers and basket weaving. Using these elements helps to transmit the idea of inter-connectedness within all of us as one, as well as with nature on a spiritual and physical level,” he told My Modern Met in an interview.

According to his website, each painting is inspired by the agrarian lifestyle on his family and friends. Torres “plants” an idea for each new project and “harvests” it at completion based on the lunar patterns followed by his ancestors in Cuba. Each of his artwork is started and finished on a waning moon and he record the ritual with his signature on the canvas.

Check out below his remarkable paintings below.