Culinary Artist Creates Incredible 3D Jelly Cakes

Image by @siewheng83/Instagram

3D jelly cakes are popular in South-east Asian countries like Malaysia and Vietnam, but some of the world’s incredible masterpieces are created by an artist from Sydney, Australia.

Siew Heng Boon discovered 3D jelly cakes in 2016, while spending time in Malaysia. She took a course on it, where she learned all the basics about design, coloring and taste. One day, a friend of her requested a 3D jelly cake with flowers encapsulated in it for a special occasion. Each piece can take up to 4 hours to finish. The designs are injected into a clear jelly canvas petal by petal and made upside down.

After that, she started receiving more requests from people and the feedback is always positive, so when she returned to Sydney, she established her own business called Jelly Alchemy. Her works are regularly featured by some of the biggest media outlets.

Scroll down to see some of her most amazing 3D jelly cakes.