Eloise Girard Creates Sensitive and Harmonious Illustrations

French illustrator Eloise Girard always dreamed about becoming an artist, and although she loved being a biology student, her favorite part was to depict microorganisms and other creatures in her notebook. She first became a 3D animation artist, but later, she decided she would become a freelance illustrator.

“I love to work with shapes and colors, I always try to unite curves and angles, sensibility and strength. I have synesthesia which allows me to see colors when I think of words or people I know and I think it’s why I have a particular relationship with colors,” the artist told in an interview for Ballpit and added that she could describe her work as sensitive and harmonious.

She reveals that her favorite medium is a digital illustration, because “everything is under control” and that she “always feel the urge to draw people I see and keep in mind the color palette I see in real life.”

Now Girard has become a recognized artist with more than 35,000 followers on her Instagram page. If you are curious to see her illustrations, just keep on scrolling!