Enter the Tiny, Messy Worlds of Josephine Kyhn

Josephine Kyhn’s illustration style is messy, colorful and all-around wonderful. Since graduating from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, the Copenhagen-based freelance illustrator has worked with editorials (amongst them are The Boston Globe and VICE), as well as more personal and artistic projects. She has also illustrated children’s books, which makes sense judging by how her illustrations have a child-like quality to them.

“In my illustrations, I am mixing analog with digital coloring and layering,” she told Ape on the Moon. “I usually make a pencil drawing and paint details on top of it on a new piece of paper using ink and a light table.”

“I like that my pencil drawings are a bit dirty with structures, and the randomness in dry brushstrokes and ink washes,” she added. “Then I scan everything and put it together in Photoshop experimenting with colors and layering until I get a result that fits me.”

“My universe is filled with people, animals, nature, and a lot of color and structures,” she went on to say. “I like using some kind of storytelling in my work.”

Enter her tiny worlds of wonder in the gallery below.