Environmentalist Couple Creates Hyper-Realistic Nature Paintings

People might tell you that they care about nature and the environment, but not many actually do. So in order to make a difference, you have to support your words with actions. Just like married couple and artists Jelena and Aleksandar Paunkovic did.

The Serbia-based couple decided to ditch the urban environment and instead moved to the countryside a while back. They changed their everyday life, believing that even small actions of an individual can make a difference. They ditched plastic, started growing their own food, and took other steps to minimize their impact on nature.

Jelena and Aleksandar also wanted to inspire others to consider the harm they were causing. But instead of turning to social critique, the couple adopted a different approach. They launched an ongoing series of hyper-realistic paintings of nature called “Life.” The artworks usually feature recreations of plants and grass that the two encounter during their hikes.

“We have found a way to bring nature to a home or gallery and hang it on the wall to serve as a reminder that we need to think more about how our modern lifestyle affects the environment,” the couple explains on their official website.

Their next step is to introduce their works to a broader audience through exhibitions in their native Serbia and abroad. Until then, check out more of their works below.