Eny Lee Parker Will Make You Fall in Love With Furniture

Eny Lee Parker designs unique objects that echo human emotion. A designer of objects and spaces, her work isn’t meant to blend in with the environment but rather, calls attention to itself, performing both as a practical piece of furniture or lighting as well as a standalone art piece.

Born in Brazil and currently based in Savannah, Georgia, Lee Parker’s introduction to furniture design was through her work as an interior designer. “Interior designers love and appreciate furniture, so the appreciation was always there,” she explained in an interview with Matter of Hand. “But when I was working in residential interior design, we used to have to pick out furniture a lot and I always wished that aspects of the pieces were different in this or that way.”

Still, it took time for Lee Parker to muster the courage needed to turn her attention to furniture making. “I never had confidence that I could actually design things until I came back to Savannah and enrolled in a master’s program for furniture,” she notes.

Her objects are made of organic materials, that make for an earthy, grounded, effect. Those include wood and metals, as well as ceramics, another, separate, passion of Lee Parker. Each piece is sketched out beforehand, providing blueprints for her collection. “I have to know generally what height or width I need,” she says. “It’s so much easier for me to have everything drawn; it’s kind of like having blueprints. You kind of have to. It’s a little different than being in sculpture.”

See some of her unique creations in the gallery below and share with us your favorites.