Feel Refreshed and Inspired with Allison Filice’s Illustrations

Have you ever stepped inside a brightly colored room and instantly felt your spirits soar? There’s nothing like bright colors to lift you up when you’re feeling down, and that’s what happens when you look at Allison Filice’s illustrations. Bright and vibrant, her work will add a playful twist to your moody Instagram feed.

“My work is about bringing a friendly face to the unknown, and to help people explore the depths within themselves and the universe,” said Filice in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I just want people to realize that life is more than running errands and going to work, that there’s magic in the space between everything.”

Filice’s positive attitude shows throughout her work, exploring the magical space that lies between everyday moments. Based in San Francisco, Filice originally studied graphic and user experience design but these days works mainly in illustration.

Her illustrations, while graphic and vibrant, also have an element of surprise to them, that might call to mind more psychedelic/surrealist artists. Indeed, Filice admits to being inspired by artists like Moebius, Milton Glaser, and Salvador Dali.

Other inspiration sources of hers are music, architecture, and nature: “I try to go for daily walks in the park while listening to music and just let my intuition go,” she notes. “I’ll usually come back home feeling refreshed and inspired.”

Following her Instagram page might just have the same positive effect!