French Artists Paint How Trash Bags Take Control of Our Lives

Murmure is a French duo made up of artists Paul Ressencourt and Simon Roche. Their latest series is titled Garb-age and it’s meant to show the consequences of the environmental crisis that’s going on in the world.

Ressencourt and Roche paint black trash bags that have taken over humans’ and animals’ lives. They’re not subtle at all; their black and white paintings with a single red string are meant to be blunt about the issue and make us do something about it.

“The main idea was to play with the colors of a regular black garbage bag as much as possible. Not only for dramatic appeal, but also for the depth of shades and, somehow, the elegance of its texture and reaction to light. That’s why we use graphite pencil, to achieve this texture,” This is Colossal quoted the artists.

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