From the Street to Instagram, Tom Bob Transforms Street Furniture

Image by @tombobnyc / Instagram

From New York to Taiwan via Geneva, street artist Tom Bob takes another look at the elements that occupy our public space. Whether by observing the clouds or objects of our everyday life, we are all already amused to compose forms from various elements. If this little childish game remained a pleasure for some, it became a full-fledged occupation for Tom Bob. In fact, the American street artist likes to divert forms of street furniture and use them to create characters. A fire hydrant becomes a diver, two speakers turn into a frog and electric meters into gymnasts.

The artist began by making his creations in the streets of New York, but with a real success, he also worked at Taiwan, Dubai and even more recently in Switzerland. Not only does Tom Bob brighten the streets with sometimes austere street furniture, but he also manages his online communication: he regularly publishes “before / after” and lets his community imagine his future creations by sharing an image of slab or pipes. An effective strategy since the artist now has more than 170,000 subscribers and is invited to many festivals.

This is a simple and powerful concept that allows the artist to put his bubbling imagination to good use. To follow, to have a dose of cheerfulness in his timeline and to no longer see the urban landscape with the same eyes.