Håkon Anton Fagerås Creates “Fluffy” Pillows From White Marble

Håkon Anton Fagerås is a contemporary artist from Norway who creates beautiful white pillows, that you’d probably think are made from fabric and cotton fillings. However, his “fluffy” and “soft” pillow sculptures are, oddly enough, made from blocks of white marble.

Fagerås’ latest series named Down features a number of pillow sculptures that look so nice and cozy in spite of the fact they’re sculpted from marble. This is exactly what the artist wanted to show with his artwork–that looks can be deceiving and even the material such as marble can look soft and fragile.

“Because of the material qualities of marble itself, it appears fragile. It’s quite fragile, but it’s not that fragile, and yet it appears so because of the translucency and pureness of the stone,” the artist said in an interview with Sculpture Atelier. “The common denominator of most of my art is fragility and vulnerability,” he added.

Rather than creating simple items, Fagerås says his art is more about creating an atmosphere or sensation. And most people associate pillows with strong emotions, both happy and sad.

Check out these fluffy sculptures in the pictures below.

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I’m carving another pillow! 😴 #marble

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