Hanin Shaqsi Creates Spooky Paintings Inspired By Lucid Dreams

Hanin Shaqsi is a talented artist who describes herself as a pop-surrealist from Muscat, Oman. You might find her artwork odd at first, but with her oil paintings, she expresses the feeling of life and human struggles and how humans feel and think.

“My paintings are inspired by lucid dreams. Those dreams always have whimsical and weird images. It’s fun to paint your own dreams,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda. “All of my pop surrealism art are a little bit spooky with those ripped eyes. I put all of my feelings into it. There are a deep message and hidden meanings in every artwork. Some of my artworks are derived from my own dreams and nightmares.”

Shaqsi began creating art when she was a little girl, and since then she didn’t stop. She also reveals that a painting titled Apple Human Society is one of her favorite creations that she has ever done.

If you are curious to see her work, check out the gallery below.