Hansruedi Ramsauer Left His Finance Job to Become a Photo Manipulation Artist

Unfortunately, many jobs people do are monotonous, uptight, and uncreative. But if we are brave and lucky, we might escape entering the void of dull, nine-to-five living, just like Hansruedi Ramsauer did. He turned his back on a 20-year long career in finance to start his own web design company, and this path took him on a journey he never expected.  

He became a popular digital artist whose photo manipulations are taking over Instagram. From outstanding cityscapes to hypnotizing natural landscapes and beautiful portraits, this Sweedish artist is seizing all new opportunities in life. What is also important, the audience loves his work. So far, he has over 33k supportive followers on Instagram. 

Ramsauer said that sometimes he loves to look at photographs and imagine what he could do with them. That’s how he created some of his most notable and celebrated works. 

Some of his art is influenced by surrealism, and he often plays with human perception. This is probably due to his personal philosophy, according to which perspective is everything – it’s both a part of the problem and a part of the solution.