Heather Hardison’s Hand-Written Signs Are Worth the Investment

As we enter an ever-digitalized era, things like handwritten notes or the study of calligraphy are seemingly things of the past (seriously, when was the last time you actually wrote someone a letter?). Luckily for us, there are those among us who understand the value of handwriting.

Heather Hardison has made it her profession. A letterer and illustrator, she specializes in sign painting, preserving this all but lost craft. Her commissions include anything from designing a Golden State Warriors poster to painting full-blown murals that highlight the simple beauty of typography.

Born in North Carolina, Hardison graduated from the College of Design at North Carolina State University in 2009, with a degree in Art and Design, but her love of typography (alongside the financial crisis) shaped her career course.

“These days I keep busy with my illustration and sign painting jobs,” Hardison shared in an interview with The Design Kids. “But I’m always looking for ways to bring those skills together.”

According to Hardison, so far, murals and food packaging have been two of her favorite ways to accomplish just that.

Hardison’s work stands out for being both nostalgic and very much contemporary. As such, it provides a unique way of giving a business a feeling of individuality and character. And as traditional signwriting is slowly but surely making a comeback, Hardison’s craft appeals to a growing audience.

Check out some of her work in the gallery below.