Illustrator Creates Hilarious False Ads

Artist Al Murphy’s solo show in London opens September 5 and the artist promises – it’s going to be a “multi-dimensional sensory overload experience” that will thrill and confuse the visitors.

Murphy is a commercial artist who has a love/hate relationship with advertising. It’s the thing that helped him feed his family for years and helped him win several awards, but he’s always been questioning his morals because he was involved in helping companies sell products to children. His art was originally meant to be “a clever comment upon the propaganda advertising deals to an insecure public,” but then he realized that so many artists, including Banksy and Warhol, have already covered this topic. So instead, he came up with the idea to transform the gallery into “imaginary artwork advertising imaginary products produced by imaginary clients” and show his unique style through it.

The point, as Murphy says, is to “have a celebratory experience – one that doesn’t make you want to buy dietary products, but have another drink and get that extra side of cheesy chips you’d decided against.”