In Norway, a Bridge Serves Also As a Museum

Modern architecture often creates multifunctional solutions, especially when it comes to public spaces. Introducing The Twist: a twisting bridge across the Randselva river in Norway.

The structure itself looks as though it came from the future but not only is it beautiful – its functions are many: serving as a bridge, a sculpture, and a museum. The Twist is located in the Kistefos Sculpture Park in Jevnaker and forms a circular loop for visitors to the park. The museum inside will be used as a contemporary art space.  

The structure has won the first prize at an international competition in 2015. Its 1000 square meters are made of aluminum, connecting two river banks with two elevations – higher and lower which are connected through its twisted hallways. This solution was chosen because the banks themselves are not even.   

The exterior affects the interior and provides an unusual transition from one space without windows to another that is filled with light. Check out this amazing creation in the pictures below!