The Incredible Flower Petal Dresses of Hanaco Hanasakura

Talented Japanese artist Hanaco Hanasakura rescues fallen petals of flowers, plants and trees and integrates them in her illustrations. Hanaco regularly posts on her Instagram account sketches of models decorated with flower petal dresses. From a 30s dress to a short skirt or autumnal outfit, the young stylist is a master in the art of combining petals and fashion creations. She has also published a book of her most beautiful creations.

The idea of using petals as dresses alludes to the constant change of nature and its inevitable charm, but it is also a reminder of what the cycle of life is: a change in movement. The artist’s drawings are a portrait of the ever-changing modern woman. In each one can be observed a cheerful girl, free of any prejudice and dedicated to the movement that the petals create.

Another detail that comes to light is that, depending on the flower, the personality of the model changes in the drawing, as well as its pose. In this way, Hanako warns us that the human being is as versatile as flowers. The visual garden that the artist creates from pencil and paper, not only portrays fashion trends, but also the desire to see women beyond as a beautiful being and make it as free as the petals of a flower, beyond a rose that It is only admired for its beauty.