Japanese Chef Carves Intricate Patterns Into Fruits and Vegetables

Takehiro Kishimoto is a Japanese food artist based in Cobe, who works as a chef by day, but turns into a food carving master at night. His impressive food art gained a huge following on Instagram where nearly 300 thousand people admire Kishimoto’s edible artwork.

Kishimoto has been practicing mukimono, the traditional Japanese art of carving decorative shapes images into fruit and vegetables, for years, but he became even more passionate about carving once he discovered the Thai technique of fruit and veggie carving.

“I create beautiful decorative vegetables at work and I studied Thai carving myself. I’m attracted to the beautiful colors of nature,” Takehiro told CNN Travel. He then explained the difference between the Japanese and Thai carving techniques.

“Mukimono is done by using a kitchen knife while Thai carving is created using a sharp thin knife. I exclusively use a Thai carving knife.”

Takehiro introduced his art to the world in 2016, when he opened his Instagram account named Gaku Carving. There you can take a look at all of his stunning creations carved in apples, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots.

“Even with the same ingredient, each fruit or vegetable has a different shape and softness. It took me five years to overcome and understand the art,” the artist says.

Check out this amazing food art in the photos below.