Kim Winder Creates Funny, But Slightly Inappropriate Comics

Kim Winder is the talented artist with a great sense of humor behind The Reddot Comics, hilarious comics that, in her own words, “finess the inappropriate.”

Kim started creating her funny art only two years ago and her Instagram page the__reddot already has more than 277 thousand followers. The artist wrote for Bored Panda that for the past two years she’s led a double life.

“During the day, I am an office manager to a home service company, but by night I am the rogue (or should I say rouge?) comic artist. The__RedDot draws a wide variety of impropriety humor in comic form,” the artist wrote for on Bored Panda.

The secret behind her success might be that Kim doesn’t shy away from tackling issues that are most often considered taboo in our society. From relationships and sex to loneliness and death—Kim’s inappropriate comics deal with all sorts of topics that most people are embarrassed or simply don’t like talking about.

Check out Kim’s artwork in the photos below and make sure to share it with your friends, so you can all have a nice laugh.