Kimberly Cammerata Invites You to Step Into Her Italian Landscapes

Kimberly Cammerata’s watercolor paintings are an absolute treat, inviting the viewer to step inside her rich landscapes. Focused exclusively on the Italian landscape, with its sunny days and ancient towns, her paintings are an extension of her identity.

“In Italy life becomes epic,” she relays on her website. “Even a simple espresso in the piazza becomes an event.” Her paintings portray this epicness in vibrant color, allowing the viewer to travel to Italy without actually having to travel.

Part of what makes Cammerata’s creations so vivid is her understanding of light, and the way it can change a setting dramatically. “Light and its effect on color is the essence of my work,” she writes. “The sunshine of Italy saturates and energizes everything it touches, making colors sing.”

According to Cammerata, each and every moment, our senses are flooded with light. “I want to capture that radiance, that aliveness, and create a painting that makes you want to immerse yourself in it,” she notes.

Her understanding of light and color became an important part of her artistic journey, beginning with studying impressionist color theory and continuing in her formal studies, having graduated with a degree in fine arts, with a strong grounding in art history.

Take a look at some of her creations in the gallery below.