Laurie Rowan’s Pastel Creatures Jiggle and Wiggle

Animator, illustrator, and director, Laurie Rowan, creates wobbly pastel creatures that dance and gyrate. The Welsh artist, currently living in the south of England, has worked for notable clients like BBC, Channel 4, Disney, and Google, and has achieved numerous accolades for his creations.

And for good reason. His animated creatures are highly amusing, and his gifs have gained a whopping 350 million views.

Talking about his creative process with wertn, Rowan explained: “I begin with sketches, unfocussed, free drawing and let what comes, come. At some point a logic will begin to form and I’ll start to mold that into something that can translate into a short.”

“I keep my process hand drawn and on paper until I feel it’s defined enough to work up in 3D, from that point I work directly from my sketches in 3Ds Max,” he added. “Once in 3Ds, each phase blends with the next. I always begin with modelling, then generally onto texturing, lighting, rigging and eventually animation. Rigging is probably the most labour intensive process, as most of my characters revolve around a clearly defined mechanism, so it has to be fluid and feel like it could tangibly exist, a good rig is essential for that.”

Check out some of his creations, and follow his Instagram page for more.