Learning the Alphabet With Rock and Rap Legends

Enough with the usual T as train and F as a flower: from now kids could learn the the alphabet with the icons of rock. This is the idea behind the book “Rock Alphabet” created by Andrew Morgan, who transforms great artists like David Bowie and Mick Jagger into colorful learning tools.

The book is described as a fun way to let the next generation of rockers discover the legends that have opened the doors: so Jimi Hendrix and his guitar become a J, Gene Simmons with his unfailing tongue helps to remember the G, and the thick hair of Tina Turner turns into a T, and ZZ top are the faces of the last letter of the alphabet.

Morgan also published a primer dedicated to rap stars; both books are sold with matching posters and t-shirts of buyer’s choice, and part of the proceeds go to music programs for young people.