Lee Foster-Wilson Will Convince You That We Live in a Beautiful World

We dare you not to fall in love with Lee Foster-Wilson’s delightful creations. An illustrator, author, and maker of shiny things, her brand, Bonbi Forest, is dedicated to all things cute, featuring her original work splashed on anything from paper goodies to screen-printed scarves, as well as a range of jewelry and pin badges.

Based in England, her illustrations and designs are grounded in the shapes and colors found in nature. But Foster-Wilson admits she’s also equally inspired by song lyrics, books, and the things her children’s imagination. “Their little imaginations are such a good source of inspiration—they make up stories about twigs and things,” she once remarked in an interview with the Etsy Blog.

“Since I’ve had children, I’ve learned that time is quite precious,” she went on to explain. “I used to spend so much time procrastinating, but now I just start and see where it goes, especially with my drawing. Just make a mess, and see what gems you can find inside. That’s my approach.”

According to Foster-Wilson, the best thing about hand-printed goods is that they have a unique touch to them that makes each print a work of art in and of itself. “The hand that made the print can be seen in the outcome and keeping that quality is a nod to the printing days of yesteryear, before machine printed goods and mass manufacture,” she writes on her website.

Here are some of our favorite designs by her (though we admit, it’s hard to pick).