Liz Sexton Crafts Cool Animal Masks For Humans to Wear

If you thought that the trend of wearing horse-head masks was cool, then you’ll love the work of Minneapolis-based artist Liz Sexton. This talented paper artist creates all sorts of animal masks for people to wear.

It all started several years ago when Sexton decided to make a mask for Halloween. Having worked with paper art for some time, she managed to craft a convincing replica of an animal head that was fully wearable. This success inspired her to continue creating masks inspired by animals.

According to Sexton, the goal of her work isn’t just meant for fun, but she aims to explore the coexistence of animal and human life.

Due to the high level of details and complexity of her work, Sexton invests an impressive amount of time into her artwork. In order to make one mask, she often needs several weeks and sometimes months. However, it all pays off at the end, as the outcome is stunning. Check out some of her creations below.