Look Closely: These Objects Are Actually Made of Clay

Texas-based artist Wyatt Little makes ceramic objects and vessels that at first glance look like everyday objects. Drawing inspiration from the ’90s, his delightful artworks are infused with nostalgia (think Space Jam and Office Space).

“I love it when people are confused by my pieces at first glance,” admitted Little in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog. “Then once they figure it out, I hope they are delighted.”

Amongst his many unique items are lamps shaped like hats and vases shaped like basketballs. “I was living with a roommate who was doing ceramics in his garage and I had a bunch of concepts floating around in my head. He taught me the basics and I have been doing it for 8 years now,” recalled Little. “My style has evolved as I have learned more about my craft. I will have ideas for years and not know how to properly execute them. Then, someone within my community will give me some advice or I will learn a new technique and figure it out. Once I have a success like that, I will build off of it and apply that new technique to other pieces.”

Talking about the artistic process itself he added that “Ceramics and art in general makes me feel euphoric. There will inevitably be low points in your given endeavor but if you feel intensely about what you do it won’t matter.”

Take a look at some of his delightful creations. 

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