Looking for Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy? Start Here

Crafter and content creator Jodi Levine turns everyday rubbish into an inspiring landscape of experimentation and play. Her Instagram page has become a gathering place for young parents looking for creative (and cheap!) ways to engage in arts and crafts with their children.

Based in Brooklyn with her husband and two sons, Levine has become a staple in shows like The Today Show, MARTHA, NY1, CBS Morning Show, and The View, where she shares her tips and tricks.

“The world has changed so much since I was in school and the word ‘craft’ was perceived very negatively,” she observed in an interview with David Stark. “The whole design/DIY/craft world has exploded which is great for those of us that like to make stuff and dabble with lots of media and don’t fit neatly into the art school categories.”

Levine knows what she’s talking about. Having studied painting formerly in RISD, she admits she felt a little lost during her school years. It was only after graduating that she switched gears, having landed a job in the Craft Department at Martha Stewart Living. The rest was history.

Take a leaf out of her book: