Maria Fiter’s Lamps Aren’t for the Faint of Heart

Maria Fiter designs standalone lamps that are practical, sustainable, and artsy, adding not only light to the room, but also a statement. Design is equally important to Fiter as the materials themselves, with a clear preference for eco-friendly and natural materials, that add make for a grounded, earthy effect.

“I think about people who like natural materials, like paper or wood,” Fiter explained in an interview with the Etsy blog. “That’s the kind of person I am; I like these materials in my home, too. I also think about making things that are quite simple in design.”

But creating something simple isn’t as simple as it seems. “First I think about what I could make and I start doing some sketches,” says Fiter, describing the process that goes behind the scenes. “Once I know the shape I want, I think about which mold would serve me best. I use different kinds of molds: Some are balloons, some are cardboard, some are made with funnels, and one lamp, the Metamorfozis, is made from a Coke bottle mold.”

According to Fiter, she was always drawn to manual work, enjoying activities like painting, sewing, and making furniture. Her love of lamps came later, during her Erasmus internship, while working with wood. “It’s great when you can reuse things that already exist and give them a second life,” she notes.