Meet Bogie, The Pink Parrot Who Loves Being Pampered

Bogie is a Los Angeles-based, one-year-old cockatoo that has beautiful pink feathers. According to his owner, living with a bird can be sometimes challenging, but it is mostly fun.

“It was a huge adjustment just doing things together, learning about each other,” his owner shared on The Dodo. “I’ve learned so much, and everything I’ve learned, we’ve done together. We grow together. I know that sounds so cheesy, but we really do. He’s a challenge and it’s really fun to have goals with him and it’s a huge payoff when you look at it that way.”

Bogie’s loves making a mess in his owner’s drawers and pulling everything out of her makeup bag as he adores makeup and especially makeup brushes.

“He loves my brushes. He loves when I do his ’makeup’. He loves to run around my counter and just pull everything out of my makeup bag or the Q-tip jar and he just chucks everything on the ground,” she added.

Scroll down and check out the adorable parrot below.

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💥I was absolutely inspired by a @birdtricksofficial video speaking on what bird to pick as a pet.💥 I want to make a comment as a bird lover and cockatoo owner. ⬇️ • First of all, Bogie’s Instagram IS just a snippet of Bogie. He IS the most amazing Birb in the world but he STILL definitely has his moments. I have had birds since I was 6 years old and I wouldn’t call Bogie an easy bird. • Galahs are super smart. They have the intelligence of a 3 year old. This means they need A LOT intellectual stimulation, toys, attention and space. Bogie is such a good bird because of how much time and energy I spend training him. He meets lots of people, goes a lot of places and is very well socialized. He goes everywhere with me. Even with all this training and socialization he still has an attitude and can be unpredictable to others who aren’t familiar with his body language. We are still figuring each other out every day. • I always tell people who meet Bogie that birds are not like dogs! They aren’t domesticated and their purpose in life isn’t to please their owner. It’s mostly… well to be a BIRD. You know, squawk, chew up everything, make a mess, demand the center of attention. • Time and commitment IS an absolute requirement when looking into getting a feathered friend. A bird doesn’t want to be locked in a cage all day and a human doesn’t want an unhappy bird with behavior issues. 🦜 • I’m not saying I’m a bird expert by any means. I more want to point out the facts of owning such a complex little creature. The purpose of this account is more of a creative outlet + to make people laugh and smile. It isn’t to convince you to buy a cockatoo. Watch BirdTricks video Starter Birds for wayyyy more information:) 👏🏼 • Do ya research is all I’m sayin!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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