Meet Ramsey: The Cavapoochon Ambassador on Instagram

What do you get when you mix a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Poodle, and a Bichon Fris? The result is an adorable and relatively new crossbreed called Cavapoochons. These are small or medium-sized dogs that look like teddy bears and a lovely pup called Ramsey is their proud ambassador.

Ramsey lives with her owners in Dallas, Texas and with nearly 10 thousand followers on Instagram, this adorable dog is becoming popular thanks to her cute looks.

Ramsey’s owner gave us an insight into her personality, so we can get to know more about the Cavapoochon hybrid. According to them, as a mixed-breed dog, Ramsey is the perfect combination of the best characteristics across the three dog breeds.

“Just like a typical poodle, Ramsey is SO smart, sometimes too smart for her own good. She is very trainable and learns tricks incredibly fast. She is also extremely loving and friendly like Cavaliers and Bichons. She instantly loves everyone she meets and wants to be friends with everyone,” the owners told in an interview with Hello Bark.

Make sure to check out Ramsey’s photos below and visit her adorable Instagram account.

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