Meet the Artist Behind Doolittle Illustrations

Eliza Williams, the creative artist behind Doolittle Illustrations, creates vibrant art in collaboration with big and small brands and independent work when she has extra time. She calls herself a “creator of things” as she combines different disciplines like illustration, drawing, and painting. She’s still young, but she’s on a path to become a well-known artist as she already has a lot of attention.

Williams works with clients like Spotify, and one look at her work is enough to see why they are choosing her. She first took up illustration when she was a kid. In 2017, she started sharing her work with the world as she was attending a communications design course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. “Creating my own illustrative worlds has always been exciting to me, they’re like little worlds to escape to,” she tells It’s Nice That.

Once she decided to put herself out a bit more, her art gained a lot of attention from relevant sources, bringing her more work. “It’s all resulted in me now doing what I love as a career, and I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received from people and other creatives along the way,” she notes.

Check out some of her works below and find more on Instagram.