Meet The Cat With The Adorable Mustache

We all love cute kittens, those sweet little fur balls with amazing eyes. We especially notice if they have features that distinguish them from others and makes them even cuter, like fancy mustaches for example.

Gringo, a 1-year old kitten who lives in France is a real royal Sir from Great Britain. This British Shorthair has such a classy mustache you’ll feel obligated to bow before you get to cuddle him.  His owners, Sabrine and Romain had found him when he was only three months old on a popular French cattery site and they knew right away that this adorable kitten is the right for them. The fact that they already had a cat named Milko didn’t stop them from adopting this little sir, so these two are now new best friends.  His owners say that Gringo is a very happy kitty that loves to play all day and night. He also likes to stand on his back paws and stay like that for couple of minutes which makes him even cuter as he looks like a meerkat.

This adorable kitty has over 11,000 followers on Instagram, after his previous account with 60,000 followers was hacked. Take a look at this happy kitty and it will make your day!

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