Minimalistic Tattoos For Your Ears

One of the most decorated part of the human body are the ears. Both women and men often put jewelry on them, sometimes more than one earring per ear. It’s the least painful when you put earrings in the ear lobes and the most painful when you put them on the cartilage. The same rules go for inking – if you are tired of losing and pairing your earrings, maybe this is a solution for you! 

Since tattooing our bodies has been growing as a trend, ears, as the most popular body part to be decorated, haven’t been excluded from it. Minimal tattoos seem to be a favorite when it comes to ear tattooing, and since the surface is small, it usually comes down to geometrical placements and floral designs. Some people ink directly the skin of the ears, while others put tattoos behind the ear. Either way, it looks amazing! 

Celebrities who proudly wear ear tattoos are Cara Delevingne, Miley Cirus and Rihanna, and these look particularly elegant on them, although men wear them just as well. On the downside, the making of these tattoos can be very painful and unpleasant. 

We’ve collected some examples to show you how beautiful ear tattoos can be! 

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