Modern Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Embracing minimalism certainly does not mean you need to chuck aesthetics out the window. Minimalism has been around for 60 years and more relevant today than before, especially because let’s face it, we all buy way more than we need. Read on to learn how to get rid of the unessential by keeping around just want you need to feel comfy and right at home.

Use a Simple Bedframe or Go Frameless

There are often fantastic bedroom frames strewn across the whole room while not looking nearly as stylish as a simple bedframe or no bed frame at all. An ornate frame for your bed is completely opposite to the minimalistic style. If you want to be part of the minimalists, you want to have no frame or a really simple frame which will also open your room. 

Bring in Natural Light

Whenever you have a bright light in a room, it appears open and larger than it was before. Also, when you put colored light, the room immediately becomes bigger. Let’s not even mention what you can do with the light of the walls – well, basically the same as the light.


When it comes to art on the walls or any other form of art, remember – less is more. As with many things in the world of minimalism, many of us won’t enjoy it as we want to have many things in our rooms. If you are a collector of art, then you need to open a specific room or move most of your art in a different one to keep consistent to minimalism.

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