Musician Makes a Hit Collaboration Song With a Random Noisy Cat

It appears that talented musicians can make a great song out of almost anything. Just look at David Scott, aka The Kiffness, who recently managed to record a hit track in collaboration with a random noisy cat.

The Kiffness is known among social media users for his ability to take random sounds and incorporate them into songs. He recently discovered a video of a noisy cat someone posted on Instagram and decided that the feline is a worthy feature for his next project.

Scott detailed his creative process in a viral YouTube video, which gained more than half a million views in less than two weeks. The clip shows Scott demonstrating nine steps through which everyone can create a song with a noisy cat next door.

He first recreated the beat from Toto’s hit track “Africa” before adding bass and keys to the track. He then “translated the cat’s message” and put himself in “her shoes” in order to really get to the essence of her noisy solos. After a few more touches, the song was ready and even got released on streaming platforms.

You can enjoy this unusual collab below and maybe get inspired to do something similar with the noisy cat from your neighborhood.