Nature Shapes Man in Sun-Hyuk Kim’s Sculptures

Sun-Hyuk Kim is a South Korean artist who explores the condition of man through his sculptures made with roots and branches of trees. Through his art, made of branches and iron, he tries to analyze the human dimension, the role of man in the world.

The young South Korean artist manages to transmit the precariousness and fragility of the human being, representing it as an agglomeration of roots and branches. There is no flesh, no blood, no muscles, but we can perceive its soul, its breath.

With his sculptures, Sun-Hyuk Kim brings man back to a more animal level, underlining his profound connection with nature, a bond that we sometimes forget thinking we are superior to the world around us.

Perhaps the goal of Sun-Hyuk Kim is to make us feel small, make us feel the same feeling that you have when looking at the immensity of the mountains or the sea get lost on the horizon. These are works that make us rediscover our dimension, never superior to others, but equally beautiful and precious.