Olga Griesinger’s Greeting Cards Will Cheer You the Whole Year Round

Olga Griesinger’s artwork stands out for all the good reasons. A well-balanced composition of typography and pattern, graphic design and illustration, Griesinger’s work is both sophisticated and cheeky. So it makes perfect sense her illustrations also make for delightful greeting cards.

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, and currently based in San Diego, California, Griesinger works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. According to Griesinger, it is her formal training in drawing and painting which makes the basis of her design work—proof that digital artwork can still benefit from classical groundwork.

But to get to where she is today, a lot of trial and error was needed as well. “It took me a while to define what my own style would look like,” she noted once in a chat with The Design Kids.

According to Griesinger, the recipe for success lies in the effort being put. “Try everything, stick to what most successfully illustrates your ideas and comes off more naturally to you,” she says.

These days, her style shifts between two opposite poles: a more realistic approach to illustration and a clean-cut, geometric-based approach. “I think it is only natural that after years of practicing both I became a greeting card graphic designer and illustrator,” says Griesinger.

Recent work of hers includes a botanical interpretation of the English alphabet (part of the @36Daysoftype challenge) and some festive greeting cards.