Oxford Based Woodworker Creates Amazing Collapsible Furnitures

Have you ever seen tables that can be modified to fit more people on the spot? This woodworker makes awesome collapsible furniture.

The video below was made by an Oxford-based furniture maker, George Johnson, as seen on his Instagram account. Johnson runs a business with the name ‘Johnson Furniture’, which specializes in producing handmade furniture. The business focuses more on making dining tables and shelves.

What makes his work unique is that his dining tables are expandable, i.e. the furniture can be extended to make it bigger than its original design. In situations where this furniture is needed in a smaller size, it can then be returned to its original size.

The process of expanding the tables are easy so anyone can do it. The talented woodworker has made so many pieces and most can be found on his page. scroll below to see some of our favorite art pieces.

Check it out below.